Professional Experiences

Being just you or coming with some colleagues? Never mind! These are your programs, thought to boost your CV by adding an international experience! ERASMUS+ and much more to enhance your future.

My Internship Experience

My Internship Experience consists of a minimum stay of two months, giving students the opportunity to have a first contact with the labor market experiencing the daily life in the labor sector they are most interested in (IT, design, labs, restaurants, hotels, customer attention, education, etc.), participating in an unpaid internship experience that will enable them to put into practice what they have studied and their Spanish knowledge. All internships will be accredited by Erasmus+ (PIC number 916242504)

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My cooperation Experience

My Cooperation Experience consists of a minimum stay of eight weeks, giving students the opportunity to volunteer for the community, the environment or disfavored ethnic groups, participating in an unpaid experience that will enable them to gain new skills, knowledge and experience as well as use the Spanish they have previously learnt in class. All Cooperation programmes will be rewarded with a 200€ grant at the end of the programme.

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My business Experiences

The language you use to carry out your job is generally classified as Business Spanish. You know the terminology of your business; you don’t know how to cement it all together in a work environment. This is where My Business Experience course comes in – to give you the tools to work comfortably in Spanish. My Business Experience courses don’t try to teach you your job – or the terminology of your job. We use your knowledge of your industry and your job to show you how to use that knowledge more effectively in Spanish, adding an extra workshop about any topic related to your job. It is the perfect mix between holidays and work.

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